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Class Video Clips

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Whenever possible, I have uploaded the video clips that we have seen in class.  Most of these are interest pieces. 

You will find subject related videos under the subject links. 


Young Humanitarian Award - A big thank you to all of the people who have supported my son's (Jaron) blanket project, collecting blankets for people with no homes.  Also, a heartfelt thank you to Mrs. Platt who put work into nominating him for the award!  This video is taken from the awards presentation evening in May. 


Man Rescued from Capsized Boat - An amazing survival story, reminding us to never give up!


The Canadian Space Agency 


"Is Somebody Singing?" - Music Monday was celebrated nation-wide with Commander Hadfield


Mr. O'Brien Bungee Jumping


Mr. O'Brien's Bungee Swinging


Mr. O'Brien & the Harlem Shake


The World is Just Awesome! - Enjoy Earth Day


Thehumanperfectioninphysicalworld.pil1.wmv  - Olympic Gymnast


Landfill Orchestra


Hudson the Polar Bear at the Winnipeg Zoo


Basketball Team Manager Gets His Big Shot - Wow!  What a great example of empathy in action!


To This Day Project - A great anti-bullying video.


Cooking in Space - with Commander Hadfield


12 Year Old Arrested For Uttering Threats (not a video, but a Brandon news tidbit)


The Night Before a Canadian Christmas


Canadian Jingle Bells


The Canadian 12 Days of Christmas


Reindeer Cam


Tundra Buggy Polar Bear Webcam


In the Doghouse - We are studying idioms as part of learning figurative language.  We were doing an "animal idioms" activity & the students have never heard of the phrase "in the doghouse!"  This clip might help them to better understand & remember!


I'm Farming and I Grow It - A video that was shown at our "Make in Manitoba Breakfast" presentation.


Polar Bear Webcam - Mrs. Johnston used to teach in Churchill and polar bears are close to her heart!  The webcam is attached to one of the tundra buggies used for taking tourists to see these fascinating creatures.  Tundra Connections - experts share their knowledge!


IRIS Seismic Monitor - We took a look at some of the recent earthquake activity that has been taking place throughout the world.  Pretty incredible.


Habitat for Humanity (1 min)


The Meaning of Home - Our class is participating in Habitat for Humanity's "The Meaning of Home" contest.  This video clip explains what the contest is all about. 


The Wizard of Oz - Check out this year's K-6 Missoula production!  A big thanks to our parent council for bringing this special opportunity to our students!  A job well done! 


Felix Baumgnarter - Talks About His Historic Leap from Space (2:14)


Felix Baumgartner - Breaking the Speed of Sound (1 min 30 sec)


All Alone in the Night - Time Lapse footage of the earth as seen from the ISS (2 mins 30 sec)


Faux Paw's Adventures in the Internet (5 mins)


Going to School (3 imins)


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